Wednesday, 17 September 2008

grabbing feet

Here is a picture of maximus grabbing his feet for the first time laid down on my lap, its so cute.


Today was the first time max had banged on the table and it was so funny he kept trying to hit the keyboard and when he did he sent funny messages to my friends on msn.

Wasn't able to get a picture of him doing it though, he wouldnt let me! that was a shame ill try and get a picture next time.

first swim

sunday 7th september:

Me and my mum toke maximus for his first swim in a pool at the grove leisure centre, newark.
He toke well to the water and we had fun, we was in the water for about an hour so that was good, he drank alot of the pool water though which think he shouldnt of

I am going to take him swimming every sunday now with my mum or deans parents dending on who can make it.

I would of had a picture of his first swim if i was aloud to take them but we wasn't so i missed out on a picture memory of this moment.